126 S. River Road, Bedford, NH 03110
Phone: (603)935-7295 | Email: zinzenyoga@outlook.com


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Welcome to Zin-Zen Yoga


Bedford NH Yoga!  Welcome to Zin-Zen Yoga, Southern New Hampshire’s premiere yoga studio, located in Bedford, NH!  Whether you are new to yoga or looking to take your practice to the next level, Zin-Zen Yoga is the place for you.  Although there are plenty of yoga studios looking to show you how to put your feet over your shoulders and ankles behind your head, Zin-Zen Yoga is about helping you connect with your own body, as it is today.  

Embrace what you’ve got. Accept it. Stretch it. Strengthen it. Love it! Grow. Find balance. Work with your body instead of against it. Get in tune with your mind instead of letting it control you. Relax. Breathe. Enjoy the journey of life.  And who knows…some day you may find yourself touching your nose with your toes. 

So what is with the name?? Zin-Zen Yoga was founded on the basis of the owner following a dream 10 years in the making, merging two passions into one establishment, and offering it up to the community. The "Zin" represents Zinfandel, a varietal of red wine, and the "Zen" represents the relaxed, peaceful state of mind you can find through a yoga practice.

So, albeit a yoga studio first and foremost, Zin-Zen offers a fun twist - The Boutique at Zin-Zen! With a background in fashion design and the arts, The Boutique at Zin-Zen is filled with lots of fun, funky clothing, accessories, jewelry, yummy tea, books, a cozy sitting area (the Zen-Den), inspiration and wine! Michelle, who lived out in the California Bay Area for 12 years, hand picks each wine selection, working to bring an array of specialty wines at affordable prices, alleviating you of any guesswork. During her time living in California, and still now when she visits her family throughout the state, she spends time tasting wine, connecting with vintners and expanding her knowledge of wine in locations including Livermore Valley, Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, Monterey, Carmel, Santa Cruz, Russian River Valley, and Paso Robles. You can join her every Thursday night for Yoga+Wine - a 75 minute yoga class followed by an optional wine tasting. A great time to connect with your fellow yogis.

With a variety of classes including Gentle, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Shake your Asana and Yoga+Wine, there is sure to be something for you! Our instructors are passionate about yoga and each has a unique gift to offer their students.  Committed to supporting your yoga journey our group of amazing instructors teach from the heart, with compassion, knowledge and the understanding that each person is an individual, each body its own. Every day is different. 

Come join us; the ego is left at the door. Move your body. Quiet your mind. Flush out toxins. Sweat! Renew & invigorate! Transform your body. Transform your life! 

At Zin-Zen Yoga you are sure to feel a sense of connection, acceptance, love, and a fun and inviting energy.  Whether you are a hard core athlete or you trip over your own feet, yoga is for you. 

So take time for yourself – your  health, your well-being, your peace of mind. You don’t have to be tall and skinny, flexible or strong.  You will develop!  Yoga is for any body, every body, your body!  Get to know this life changing practice that we love; get to know your authentic self! 

Every breath counts so don’t wait another minute! 

Take charge of your body and your mind. 
Come in, ask questions, check us out – we can’t wait to meet you!

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