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Experiential Sound Bath

This class is taught by:
An amazing evening awaits! Come join us as Joe Hayes of SoundScapers Drumming build a cathedral of exquisite sound and tone in this group sound healing experience.

This Experiential Sound Bath & Meditation is a powerful way to bring your body to a state of calm using guided imagery, drums, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, didgeridoos and other assorted instruments as a conduit. The sound and vibration will realign and reconnect your subtle energy and consciousness on a physical, mental and spiritual level.


In addition to promoting overall relaxation, increasing resistance to stress, boosting energy levels, alleviating psychosomatic pain, lessening depression and improving digestion, this Experiential Sound Bath & Meditation will help re-balance the nervous system and bring the body, mind and spirit to a state of equilibrium which deepen our connection with ourselves and The Universe.


During the concert you are welcome to sit, lie, stretch, move or dance -- whatever resonates with you in the moment.


Don't miss out!  LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE! $30 per person.