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Abby Rosmarin

In some ways, Abby’s yoga journey began when she was in the fourth grade. Her mother had started taking yoga classes at the town’s rec center and she attempted “meditating” before a major spelling test. She would return to yoga again as an adult, first as a way to balance out her running regimen and later as a way to balance out stress and anxiety. She soon discovered the beauty in the mind-body connection, the sense of calm that can come when you embrace what yoga can offer, and the desire to pass this discovery on to the world. She became a 200-hour RYT in 2014 and teaches by the motto, “Yoga is exactly what you make of it and exactly what you need it to be.” Yoga comes in all shapes and sizes, and it will feel and mean something different to each person experiencing it. Abby approaches her classes in a warm, welcoming, and lighthearted manner, with an emphasis on finding the right variations that serves the student best.

Abby Rosmarin instructs the following:
  • Vin/Yin Yoga
  • Energize, Awaken, Restore! Part Vinyasa Flow and part Yin Yoga, this class starts with an active and invigorating flow and ends with passive, luscious, deep stretching; allowing you to move from a state of doing to being. Begin class by warming up the body with movement linked to the breath, mindfully flowing from one pose to the next while building strength and bringing focus to the mind. The second half of class will consist of postures held for several minutes each, starting to relax the muscles and lengthen the connective tissue around the hips, pelvis, and low spine getting deep into your restrictions with the aid of breath work. This Yin/Yang practice will help bring internal focus, breath awareness, and balance to your yoga practice. Perfect for runners, sports enthusiasts or anyone wanting to get the benefit of extra range of movement from this uniquely sequenced series.

  • Gentle Flow
  • This 45 minute mid-level flow class will leave you feeling grounded and lighter throughout the remainder of your day. An all-levels practice to build strength, balance and flexibility. Ideal to recharge, de-stress and elevate the body and the mind. A fun practice that is both challenging and supportive with options offered throughout the class to suit everyone’s ability. The perfect class for workers who spend the day sitting at a desk or for that busy person who needs to relieve stress from a busy morning. Join us for a mid-day getaway and then return back to work or to face the rest of your day relaxed and recharged!