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Jennifer Crossett

An avid runner, Jennifer began practicing yoga more than a decade ago, seeking flexibility, and balance for her fast-paced lifestyle. She quickly fell in love with the practice, and the unique nourishment of mind, body, and spirit. In 2015, Jennifer completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Back Bay Yoga (now YogaWorks Back Bay) in Boston. She approaches her classes in a playful, lighthearted manner, that is well-suited to novice and longtime yogis alike!

Jennifer Crossett instructs the following:
  • Yoga for Every Body
  • Cultivate space and stability through this breath-centric, mindfulness based practice. Move and flow at a pace that allows each pose to come into focus, using inner listening and outer cues for proper alignment and stability. This class integrates breathing techniques to deepen the postures, and ends with deep relaxation for integration. Beginner friendly and suitable for all levels - come explore your  edge!

  • Slow Flow
  • A perfect mid week practice, the Slow Flow class combines breath focus with movement awareness. A slow, mellow flow followed by restorative work to relax and release deep layers of tension, we will end class with guided breath work, passive, nourishing postures and the always appreciated, Savasana! By moving mindfully, with intention and breath, then creating stillness and quiet in the body and mind, we will balance the nervous system, release layers of tension, and restore ourselves at a physical, energetic, and emotional level. Benefits of being guided through each pose slowly and mindfully include relaxation of the nervous systems, slowing down our minds, creating suppleness in the muscles, deepening breath, stress reduction and experiencing a shift towards peace and tranquility. With major focus on the fundamentals of Vinyasa, this class will provide a more restorative and meditative approach to the typical flow. As we move through more traditional poses, we build a stronger body while releasing tension and flowing our way into a state of bliss! This class is suitable for all levels!