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Why Private Yoga Instruction?

Private instruction can assist a practitioner deepen his or her practice, gain confidence in the studio, address individual goals on the mat (i.e. strength, flexibility, focus, pranayama/breath), and work on specific areas of their yoga practice or even specific asanas (postures) of interest.

Personal instruction offers the most intimate view into your practice to make the best possible adjustments for your body and mind's individual needs. You can start a new practice, advance an existing one, or modify a practice to account for acute injury or chronic pain.

Newer students will find that private instruction can help get them off to the best possible start in the studio by gaining personalized knowledge regarding safety and alignment, as well as learning the best individualized modifications for a more comfortable- yet powerful- group practice.

Intermediate and advanced students will find that an instructor in a private class can guide them in taking their practice to the next level by incorporating more advanced modifications, postures and breath work. Additionally, he or she can gain the insight into their personal practice to explore growth opportunities true to his or her own inner self rather than a classroom at large. If desired, yoga philosophy and/ or meditation and pranayama can be incorporated into private sessions as well.

Zin-Zen Yoga is honored to be able to offer the community private yoga instruction with highly qualified instructors at extremely competitive rates.  A minimum of 24 hours notice for bookings is recommended to ensure availability of the instructor. 

For Private Yoga Class Policies please click here.

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